Wednesday, July 01, 2009

O no~~ O yea~! Alright!!

Training ended: 13th June 2009; 1600hr
Training place: Berjaya Redang Beach Resort; Front office & Housekeeping
Feeling: Holiday!!! Freedom!!! Backpack!!! Laos here I come!!!


Reached Terengganu after 6 hours of night bus. Horrible, I hate bus! Couldn't sleep, was too cold and the seat was hard. Reached around 5am I guess. In the bus station, a malay guy approached cole n I. He was kinda irritating, seriously.
He tried to con us cab fare to Merang Jetti, which we were so not going, but we didn't know.
"You are a really pretty girl, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, really... I mean it... from the bottom of my heart, you are really cute and pretty girl!" The driver said to Cole.
And I was thinking "Really? You trying to bluff her ah...This wont work on me. You thought every girl also like sweet talk? No man! you're wrong!!!!!"
He kept talking and talking and blabbing, until a girl came and tell him off, thank you girl C: Then we met a bunch of Taylorians, here for training too. Then only we know we are suppose to go to Shahbandar Jetti to take a complimentary ferry ride. Thank goodness no need to pay a freaking 100ringgit. Then later on we walked to the Jetti with the girl saviour and another trainee, Lim, she met in 7-11, I guess...It's just a short walk tho.
After an hour and 45 minutes, finaly we reached Readang! It was so......... isolated! There's basically only a village, few malay restaurants, a primary school and Berjaya Redang Beach & Spa Resort(Both seperated; Spa is nearer to Jetti, still under renovation and Beach is at the far end by the beach, where we are all gonna work.)

Orientation/ briefing/ boring talks... tour round the resort

Quarters cleaning up session



Day 29

Day 71
O yea! Training is finally finished... Had horrible time in housekeeping. I hate housekeeping so so so so so much!!! Start packing!

Day 72
Slept by the beach, under the stars and moon. went back around 6 and continue sleeping on the bed under the ceiling and fan. Went jungle trekking to another side of the beach, long beach, with Cole. My phone was too excited so it went for a one-second soaking in the river-sea water. There goes my phone*sob* Actually I was holding my phone with my right hand and when I wanted to cross the river to go into the jungle, my slipper came off. Just when I was trying to grab it, I lose balance and I used my right hand to support myself, Jialat liao!
When we're on the way back, my slipper broke! My goodness!! I sacrificed my phone for a broken slipper. My unlucky day...

Stayed back until Monday, which is on the 15th. Flew back with Kumar and Air Asia. And Cole went backpacking alone...

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