Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tonight is the night

Hey guys! Gonna leave to Redang tonight at 11. Gonna miss home for sure!!!!! ): I've done 90% of my packing... Gonna go shopping later for the missing stuffs. Hmmmm... Nothing much... Just, *sob sob* gonna *sob sob* miss my family and friends *sob sob*. Actually, just thinking who's gonna wash my clothes? Who's gonna sweep/mop the floor? Who's gonna wash the toilet? What am I gonna eat? When can I go online?!?! Do they have TV? Oh Buddha >< Bless me

Well, gonna get myself real tan... Should I buy tanning oil or sun block??? Or neither... hmmm...

Alright, wish u guys best of luck for training! See you guys after 10 weeks (: Enjoy and have fun!

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