Friday, March 20, 2009

First thing first... Yee Sin, Bon anniversaire! (:

Waa.. time flies faster this year wei!!! So many things happened in just 3 months. Aikz..

Guess what?! I'm going to Berjaya Redang for training this April 4th!! I'm so gonna die of boredom. Altho I love la plage et prendre le soleil(the beach and sunbathe)*tomorrow having french exam so have to practice la* but still... 10 weeks... on an island where i can only go out once a month(cuz the hotel is good enough to provide us a ferry tix per month which costs a blardy 100MYR!)! OMG... God bless me. Kinda regret somehow. And someone said something like what he usually does that made someone misunderstood and made me feel so... ish...
The reasons I chose Redang:
  • I wanted to go Redang last time cuz i love the beach, white powdery sands and all (:
  • I worked in a city hotel previously so I wanna go for resorts
  • Chose Penang before this but they are out of acommodation
  • They provide allowance
Now I feel like going Langkawi. I should've chose Westin Langkawi!!! Ashley and friends are there! It's gonna be so fun! (: Aikz... No more turning back.

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